Book Update: Almost there!

Good afternoon! We are getting closer and closer to the final proof.  I should have one next week and hoping it'll be the final one. Do you have any places that would be good for a book signing? In the spring or maybe even yet in the fall, depending on the weather, I am thinking … Continue reading Book Update: Almost there!

First Proof Copy is in!

The first proof copy is in!  I found a few things to tweak and the second proof copy is on its way.  I will update on dates and locations of book signings.  I will definitely have one at Life Time Fitness in Commerce Twp, just waiting on a date.  Stay tuned!!!! (click on the blog … Continue reading First Proof Copy is in!

Ladies’ Luebella Party

I am very excited to be having a ladies' Luebella party.  What's Luebella?  It's a great skincare line.  All ladies are invited to the Red Poppy at 1865 Harvey Lake Rd., Highland, Michigan at 7:00 pm. What will we do at the party?  Ladies will get to try out the Luebella products for themselves.  Also, … Continue reading Ladies’ Luebella Party

Mid/Late-September Update

Happy Friday!  Happy Mid/Late-September!  It's hard to believe that it is already September 21st.  Where has the year gone?  Where did summer go?  Here in Michigan, I am really going to miss the warm temps. I want to share with you an update on my book.  I have it all sent off to the publisher.  … Continue reading Mid/Late-September Update

Exercise Daily

I know, you are thinking that you don't have time to exercise.  You need to move every day.  I don't mean from the couch to refrigerator, but really get out and move.  You are sitting at a desk for too many hours per day or standing in pretty much the same spot.  What do you … Continue reading Exercise Daily

My Birthday!

Hello everyone! Today is my birthday!  I love my birthday!  What do you do for yours?  I worked at the gym for 4 hours this morning and chatted with lots of wonderful people.  I have an awesome boyfriend that got me a cake and card.  I can't wait to go to dinner at one of … Continue reading My Birthday!

Book – Edit Update

Good evening! It's Monday, August 27th and all 23 chapters of my book have been edited.  What's left? Intro, author bio and back cover synopsis. This is so exciting! Stay tuned for future details!