Parades are Coming!

It’s the beginning of the summer parade season.  Small towns across Michigan, probably other states as well, but I am in Michigan,  are having their festivals and parades.  The parades are always great fun for the young and old.  I have been to many parades throughout the last eight years taking pictures of the Elf Khurafeh Shrine Motorcycle Drill Team.

What do I do?  I walk ahead of the motorcycles and tell people to move back off of the road including their pets.  Last year I saw a lot more dogs at the parades.  I am also taking photographs of the motorcycles, sometimes the people, sometimes the road or the trees (those get deleted).

Each year as the parade season begins I like to send out a message to friends and have decided to expand that to my blog.  Here goes my yearly parade message:

People, please keep yourselves and little ones out of the roads for parades, especially with motorcycles. They are fast and heavy. They can very quickly come down the road, even if they are a distance away.  Children should be seated or held on your lap, better yet the real young ones should be in a stroller.  This is for their safety.  They can watch, get candy, but no running into the road.  The candy is not worth it.  Also, keep the pets back.  I am sure your dog does not want to hear a motorcycle that closely to its ears.  The engine noise could also startle the dog and when startled you never know which direction that dog will go in.  I sincerely hope you have your dog on a leash and the leash attached to something secure during the parade and actually should be leashed when at a festival.

Now for those that are the ones throwing the candy.  Please do not just drop it from the vehicle or parade float.  We do not want kids running out beside vehicles of any kind to get candy.  Have people actually handing the candy to the kids.  This will ensure not wasting the candy and having enough throughout the entire parade.  Why have candy where it will just get run over and not to the children?  Why have candy land where it would be dangerous for a child to get it?  Do we really want kids running out in the road with moving vehicles?  In the state of Michigan, it is actually illegal to be throwing items from a moving vehicle.  I have seen it posted on many parades applications.  Currently, I am looking for the actual law and will update this as soon as I find it.

In the meantime though, parade watchers, stay out of the road and parade participants, please hand the candy to the kids.  Thanks!

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