Getting out on the trail!

Now that you have all the gear, it’s time to get outside and get walking. There’s a few things that you should do when out on the trails, whether they are actual trails or sidewalks during a race, training or just casual.

·      Stay to the right. Yep, just like driving, stay to the right. This will enable people to pass you on the left with ease.

·      When coming up behind people and about to go around them, let them know that you will be passing them, such as “on your left”

·      Alternately when you have someone come up behind you and they say they are going around you on the left, acknowledge them by saying something or raising your hand. Something so that they know you heard them.

·      When walking with a group, don’t go more than 2 people wide. Don’t hog the trail. This goes also for races that appear to have lots of room to spread out. Leave room for faster runners and walkers to be able to go around your group.

·      Single file to the right when walking in a group and someone wants to pass you, whether it’s another group of walkers or runners or cyclists.

·      Don’t litter – keep your water bottles and any snack wrappers in your waist pack. If you are near a trash can, use it.

·      If you must listen to music or audio books, please only put one ear bud in or headphone on. Keep one ear free and keep the music or book audio level low. You need to be able to hear what’s going on around you.

·      Stop at all road intersections and make eye contact with vehicles at the intersection before crossing. Even when cars are slowing down, don’t assume they are going to stop. Also, don’t count on cars stopping for cross-walks.

·      During a race when you are going the opposite direction of the faster or slower runners (typically seen on an out and back route) give encouraging words and smile

Some of these may sound like they should be obvious but being that I have made a list of them it means that I have encountered them in some way over the years. These will help you enjoy the trails.

Happy Walking!

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