What a Bunch of Characters!

My first book will be coming out shortly and I wanted to introduce the characters to you. The main character is Andrea. She is a divorced mother of twin five-year-old boys that has decided to start walking and do her first 5K race through a local training program. How I came about naming Andrea as the main character is that back in high school for Spanish class our teacher had us pick new Spanish names for the class. I had chosen Andrea. For the book, being that the main character is loosely based on my experiences I decided to go with Andrea. I am a divorced mother of two boys, but they are not twins. Twins do run in my family though.

Andrea’s twins are Carson and Cooper. I went onto a website with the most popular names for certain years. As I scrolled the list for 2013 I saw the names Carson and Cooper. Cooper is a family name on my mother’s side, so I picked that and thought that Carson went well with Cooper.   The boys likes and dislikes are similar to those of my own boys. Cooper loves basketball and Carson loves BMX bikes.

Andrea’s ex-husband is Michael. Just like how I found the twins’ names I used the same method for finding her ex-husband’s name. Actually, Michael is a popular boy’s name for many years. The relationship between Andrea and her ex is similar to that of myself and my ex. Yes, ex’s can actually work together for the kids and I wanted to highlight that.

Angela is Andrea’s group leader. I picked a name similar to Andrea because Angela is loosely based on myself when I was a group leader for a couple of different training programs through the past 15 years.

For Andrea’s training group I picked names from one of previous training groups. I changed up all the last names of the training group participants.

Then there is Adam, who is the very helpful salesman at Mark’s Running & Walking Shop.   Adam is very helpful to Andrea as she picks out her new walking shoes. The store is similar to a local running & walking shop called Bauman’s Running & Walking Shop. The owner’s name is Mark and there was a worker named Adam.

I am expanding the story line to have more of Andrea’s homework workouts and how she is including the boys. Any places that they go will be similar to or the same name as places that I like to go to. I enjoy highlighting great locations and businesses.

The website is https://www.ssa.gov/OACT/babynames/ and you can search by year and by name to see how popular it has been.


Happy Walking!

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