Which Fitness Watch is Right for Me?

It seems like everyone has a fitness watch. How do you figure out which one you should buy? Let’s look at a few important areas before deciding to buy one.


1.      What features do you want/need? This is very important, because you want to make sure that you get what you want to see out of your fitness watch. Here’s a list of some features to consider.

a.      Steps, calories & distance

b.     Floors climbed

c.      Clock/time

d.     Sleep

e.      Swim-proof

f.       Multi-sport tracking

g.      Heart rate

h.     Built-in GPS

i.        Call & text notifications

j.        Popular apps

k.      Stores music

l.        Accessories

The features you want will depend on what you are looking to accomplish. Are you just counting steps, then look for the step counters. Are you tracking all of your fitness and doing multiple sports? Maybe you don’t count them as sports but are doing cardio classes, elliptical, yoga, walking, swimming? If yes and you want to track them all then you want to make sure that your fitness watch has the multi-sport capability. The built-in GPS is important if you are exercising outside such as biking, walking, hiking, running, etc. New on the scene with fitness watches are the call & text notifications, popular apps, and storing music – how attached to your phone are you?

2.      What style fitness watch do you want/need?  This is just as important as the features. Where are you going to wear your fitness watch? How big or small is your wrist? What size screen do you want? For instance, with the FitBit fitness watches, they have 7 different watches with various screen sizes and width of bands. They even have one that clips on. Depending on the features you want/need will have an impact on what style you need. If you want a clock, what type clock do you want? Full face either with hands or digital or just a small digital readout? Garmin has some fitness watches with the “old-style” hands watch with activity tracking. If you are looking for changing the band to match your outfit or occasion than make sure when researching which one you are going to purchase has the ability to switch out the bands. FitBit has lots of great bands both through their site and aftermarket.


3.      How much do you want to pay for your fitness watch? For this what features you want/need will play a very large part of the price. The more features, the higher the price. There are a lot of different brands of fitness watches. Be careful buying off-brand watches, they may be cheaper, but with fitness watches, you get what you pay for. Look around for the best price on the watch you decide on. What stores have them on sale? Can you get a rebate on them? Do you have a friend that sells them? Do you belong to a compensated marketplace and get paid back on your purchases?

The decision on which fitness watch is for you is very personal. You can always ask some friends that have fitness watches and see what they like about their watches and any issues they have had with them. However, in the end, it will depend on what do you want, which feels right on your wrist or where ever you plan on wearing it. Just because it is right or wrong for your friend, doesn’t mean you’ll have the same opinion. Also, if you want to try it on in person before purchasing I would go to a running store. They utilize the watches and have customers that use them. They can give you some great insight and you can try them on. After you try them on I would look around for the best price on that particular watch.

When looking for a fitness watch, consider those three things: what features, what style and how much you want to pay for it. Then do your own research for exactly what you want. No matter what watch you pick out, wear it and get the most out of it.

Happy Fitness!

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