Traveling blog – coming soon!

Yes, I am going to be adding to my walking blog with travel.  Since September 2016 I have posted reviews on TripAdvisor.  After an evening with my writing group, Aspiring Writers Association of America, it was suggested that I might include my travels into my blog.  I have given it some thought and decided what a great idea.

I am going to go through my reviews on TripAdvisor and put them either individually or compile them together into various blog posts.  Going forward I will be adding travel reviews and blogs on here along with my walking blog plus I will combine some of them together.

I have a whole bunch of thoughts for going forward with this, Adventures in Walking and Travel.  The book series and speaking/exercise engagements of walking training will continue to be Adventures in Walking.  My head is just spinning with ideas.  Now to figure out a logo design.

Happy Walking & Traveling!

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