July St. Louis Road Trip – Cataract Falls

We have recently returned from a nice road trip to St. Louis, Missouri.  What’s nice about a road trip is that you can take detours along the way.  You get to discover what is out there in the US.  You can’t find it from an airplane and you can’t find it if you are in a hurry.

We stopped for gas and when leaving the station to return to the highway we saw a sign that read Cataract Falls.  I quickly looked up to see how far away it was and since it was only 15 minutes away we detoured to Cataract Falls.  This was a great idea!  If you have any thought of taking a different route or stopping for whatever touristy thing catches your eye, do so.

This decision took us down a 2-lane country road which turned into a narrower 2-lane country road and then onto a 1-1/2 lane gravel road.  We turned at what appeared to be the Smith’s farm, due to the sign in the front yard that said Smith and was on a wagon.  We passed by lots of corn stalks and hay bails along with the steer in the field that even turned and watched us take a photo of them.

Reaching the falls there was a great bridge that they now use for party rentals, too bad people feel the need to put graffiti all over the inside of the bridge.  It’d be a great place to have a wedding.  The falls were beautiful and we saw people enjoying them by walking in them, kayaking by them and fishing from the shores.

An enjoyable place to stop at along the drive.  When you find your way along I-70 in Indiana make sure to make a stop off of exit #41 and head south to find Cataract Falls.  We used the GPS recommended route and it was very scenic and entertaining.  Part of your route will take you on Short Cut and Cut Through Roads.

The pictures below do not come close to how beautiful the falls are.  You need to visit them for yourself.

Stay tuned for further blogs on our trip to St. Louis, Missouri.

Happy travels!



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