Exercise Daily

I know, you are thinking that you don’t have time to exercise.  You need to move every day.  I don’t mean from the couch to refrigerator, but really get out and move.  You are sitting at a desk for too many hours per day or standing in pretty much the same spot.  What do you do?  At your break, don’t just walk to another table and sit down, go for a walk.

For a 15 minute break, grab your portable snack – box of raisins, bag of grapes, bag of apple slices, something like that, and head out for a walk.  You’ll get your break, a little exercise and your snack in every day.

For a 30 minute lunch, eat your lunch in the first 15 minutes and the second 15 minutes go for a walk.

If you are one of the ones that get lucky enough to get an hour for lunch, take full advantage of every minute.  Still just use the first 15 minutes to eat, go for a walk and include some exercises at the end.

I have a Facebook group where a different exercise is posted daily.  The exercise will require minimal if not no equipment.  Don’t worry about having to buy anything to do these exercises.  Join my group for inspiration and to try something different.

Facebook group: Adventures in Walking with Mandy Jo


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