About Mandy Jo

While many people exercise to maintain overall health and wellness, she does it—many times—just for fun. For Mandy Jo Rindhage, walking and running doesn’t just keep her in top shape. It’s her passion. Having completed over 150 various races, when she joined the Crim Training Program as a participant in 2002, little did she know that she’d soon become a leader on the team. It was during her tenure with the Crim Training Program that she found her new love of pushing people of all ages to complete ten-mile races and half marathons. She’s been walking tall ever since. Literally.  

            In addition to making a healthy lifestyle for herself while she helps others do the same, competing in races allows her to travel nationwide—connecting with people and places she may not have otherwise encountered. After perusing several training books and not finding the information she needed, she decided to write her own. Her book, Adventures in Walking: From the Couch to 5K, gives readers a firsthand take on one woman’s journey to “get moving” from a fictional standpoint. From the book, Mandy Jo developed both a public speaking platform, as well as an online training program. Unlike other online groups or training programs that don’t offer any authentic accountability, her online program tracks real-time progress and yields tangible results that clients can see for themselves.

            After training under both the Crim Training Program and the Brooksie Way Training Program, Mandy Jo also received her certification in Turbo Kick. Her studies at Oakland University in Wellness, Health and Injury Prevention not only added greater flame to her fire—but it also set her up to be more widely recognized as an expert in her field. Certified as a group fitness trainer through the International Fitness Association, it’s clear that it’s more than simply about the latest running shoes and colorful tee shirts for her. She has found her life’s heartbeat—and she can track even that per minute. Students, both young and old, know that when they train with Mandy Jo, she’s going to get them across the finish line, by any means necessary. She’s been fortunate to lead three running clubs in various elementary schools and has coordinated the Montrose Blueberry Festival Road Races for more than 11 years. Preparing to release three more books in the Adventures in Walking series, Mandy Jo is running full speed ahead—far past any finish line or stumbling block that is put in her path.