Synopsis: AJ is a divorced mother of twin boys, feeling frumpy and run down. She decides to get up off the couch. AJ has to work with her ex and their boys to achieve her goal.

Genre: fitness, self-help

Bonus content: walking schedule and exercises

$18.99 - includes shipping cost

Synopsis: Amaranth is born to an evil witch. Being abandoned, she is raise by a good family. Her mother dies, and she gets kidnapped by a wizard that turns out to be her brother. Does she turn out to be good or evil? Oh yeah, someone needs to take over the kingdom, but who?

Genre: Fantasy

$23.99 - includes shipping cost

Synopsis: Heinrich and Gustav are traveling to America. A storm comes along and they are on a bigger adventure than they planned. Where will they travel? Who will they meet? Do they get to America? Time hop with them.

Genre: Time Travel, Historical Fiction

$18.99 - includes shipping cost