What a Bunch of Characters!

My first book will be coming out shortly and I wanted to introduce the characters to you. The main character is Andrea. She is a divorced mother of twin five-year-old boys that has decided to start walking and do her first 5K race through a local training program. How I came about naming Andrea as the main character … Continue reading What a Bunch of Characters!

Getting out on the trail!

Now that you have all the gear, it’s time to get outside and get walking. There’s a few things that you should do when out on the trails, whether they are actual trails or sidewalks during a race, training or just casual. ·      Stay to the right. Yep, just like driving, stay to the right. This will enable people … Continue reading Getting out on the trail!

Which Waist Pack Do I Choose?

You have decided to train for a distance and you are going to be out there for a while. You are going to need some water, snacks, car keys, ID, inhaler, tissues and whatever else you might need. How are you going to carry all of it? The answer is a waist pack or a back pack. My favorite … Continue reading Which Waist Pack Do I Choose?

How do I choose which race or races to do?

You have decided to a race, but you aren’t sure which one or ones to do. How to pick out the right race for you? There are so many. You walk into a local running and walking store and see a lot of fliers. You go on a website that has a lot of races on it. Decisions, decisions… Let me … Continue reading How do I choose which race or races to do?

What Do I Wear?

You have picked out your shoes and fitness watch. Now what do you wear for clothing? I am glad you asked. You will want to be comfortable, but not too warm or too cold. Although, chances are greater of you being too warm then too cold. There are so many choices on the market, how do you know what to … Continue reading What Do I Wear?


            Years ago if someone had told me that yoga would help me with walking I would have told them that they were crazy. However, in recent years I have added yoga into my training regimen. My first exposure to doing yoga was actually at my church and we did Holy Yoga. This form of yoga has the same … Continue reading YOGA CAN HELP YOUR WALKING

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes – there are so many to choose!

There are so many brands of shoes out there, all different styles and lots of color combinations. The prices will make your head spin. So, which shoe is right for you? That is not a very easy question to answer. I always tell my trainees that they have to get the shoe that is right for their foot. What not to look … Continue reading Shoes, Shoes, Shoes – there are so many to choose!