July St. Louis Road Trip – Cataract Falls

We have recently returned from a nice road trip to St. Louis, Missouri.  What's nice about a road trip is that you can take detours along the way.  You get to discover what is out there in the US.  You can't find it from an airplane and you can't find it if you are in … Continue reading July St. Louis Road Trip – Cataract Falls

Michigan Challenge Balloonfest

The weekend of June 22nd to 24th there is a balloon festival in Howell, Michigan.  I love balloon festivals and have never been to this one.  I marked my calendar and we made a point to go out to it.  Friday was not an option of going due to rainy weather and my son playing … Continue reading Michigan Challenge Balloonfest

Book Related Update – August 19th

I can't believe how August is speeding by.  I am working on my book though.  I have it in the editing phase.  A friend of mine is doing a great job editing my book.  She knows the topic of my book very well and what I am trying to say, even though it doesn't always … Continue reading Book Related Update – August 19th

It’s August!

It's hard to believe that it's already August.  Where has this year gone?  What are your goals for August?  What are your goals for the rest of 2018?  What is going to propel you into 2019? One of my goals for August is to have my book all edited and off to the publisher.  I … Continue reading It’s August!

New Facebook Group

I have started a new Facebook group to be interactive.  I will be posting various tips for races, recipes, walking form, food, supplements and anything else walking, training and/or book related. I will also be doing some Facebook Lives.  Let me know, what you'd like more information on in regards to walking: races, recipes, form, … Continue reading New Facebook Group

Book Update

Hi everyone! The book is coming along very well.  I have received permission from some of the locations in my book.  This means that not everything is a made up location.  If they get back with me before going to publishing I will change the name of the location to the real name and add … Continue reading Book Update

Traveling blog – coming soon!

Yes, I am going to be adding to my walking blog with travel.  Since September 2016 I have posted reviews on TripAdvisor.  After an evening with my writing group, Aspiring Writers Association of America, it was suggested that I might include my travels into my blog.  I have given it some thought and decided what … Continue reading Traveling blog – coming soon!