This spreadsheet will help you with

  • Keeping track of how many writing projects you are working.

  • What your completion deadlines are for the projects.

  • How close you are to finishing each project.

  • What you need to do to finish each project.

  • Download it from Google, but use it in Google Sheets OR Microsoft Excel!

Yearly Overview will help you with

  • Keeping track of your Goals

    • daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly

All of your writing goals in 1 spot!

  • Keep track of

    • when you should start

    • when you expect to finish

    • when you actually start

    • when you actually finish

This is a one stop quick glance for those goals that don't include a word count.

  • submitting your writing to the editor

  • publishing your writing

  • website creation

  • eBook creation

  • audio creation

  • video creation

  • whatever you want

Track your book progress

  • When you start and finish chapters

  • what the chapter titles are

  • what the topics are

  • how many words in the chapter

There are monthly sheets for entering your daily word count.

The Daily totals add up automatically.

Lots of formulas to calculate from one sheet to the next.

Further Help Option

1-hour how to video

What's included?

  • How to use the spreadsheet

    • What you put where.

    • What you leave alone.

    • How often do you update it?

    • What do things mean?

Want to try it out before you buy it?